Engineering Service



Conceptual engineering outlined with feasibility study is a vital part of the initial stages of a project, to confirm feasibility of a venture. Drawing on the experience and know-how, we consider projects from many different perspectives, to provide optimized project plans that minimize investment costs. EPC follow;


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Conceptual engineering then converted to a top-tier Plant Engineering by a versatile team of experienced engineers. EPC from its incorporation has established many plants in various industries. Also, with consultancy sourcing capacity, EPC Corporation Hong Kong Limited can venture freely in new opportunities of all industries enabling limitless horizon for challenge and success. In EPC, detailed engineering is managed in 360 of any plant’s operation. Thus covering;



EPC’s team comprises multi-discipline consultant engineers with exposure of numerous industries, in Bangladesh and abroad. EPC team provides all kinds of engineering solutions from preliminary planning to construction for a variety of projects. EPC offers complete engineering solutions for Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical & Instrumentation including Civil & associated services. Engineering services include dissecting civil, mechanical & electrical solutions and co-relating to the project’s local pulses, i.e; geography, weather, climate, electricity situation, local rules & regulation etc. Services also comprise development of in-house customized software and new workflows, as well as acquiring and implementing the latest design technology available for EPC projects.


With vast experience of process optimization, EPC team also appreciates challenges with existing plants. Process upgradation covers monitoring plant’s day to day operation, pin-pointing process gap, implementing adjustments and increasing capacity utilization with operational aspects.


Procurement Service


For procurement, EPC integrates information from an extensive database, with data from Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh and many other Asian and European countries. EPC issues inquiries for the equipment and conducts total services, from procurement to production/manufacturing management, quality inspection as well as inland transportation and shipping, under a consistent structure providing responsibility throughout the services.

EPC Corporation’s Procurement Department has added remarkable contributions to its procurement capabilities through establishing a unified material catalogue with standard material coding, introducing Supply Agreements for standard projects items, identifying competitive sources of materials. The procurement team is responsible for engaging the vendors and constantly giving feedback to the project management team about the status of the equipment & services to be delivered by the respective suppliers. We consider our vendors as associates in projects rather than supplier in order to derive timely deliveries, quality support, and effective after sales service meeting our customer requirements.

The strength of EPC is for multi-location presence in key sourcing countries;


Construction Services

EPC has many years of experience drafting construction plans and executing construction work for plants. Sophisticated management controls are used for planning and monitoring large complex projects in order to ensure safe, timely and effective construction while minimizing construction time and costs.

EPC construction scopes cover;


EPC introduce on site appropriate construction methods for each project location and use a construction management system to deploy manpower efficiently.


Installation, Erection & Commissioning

Erection & commissioning is a systematic and sequential process, the performance of which requires expertise in this field. Following this philosophy since our inception there have been several milestone achievements in this regard till date.

Continuous joint effort of experienced professionals, engineers, workers and statutory approvals has been a catalyst to meet targets resulting in customer satisfaction by successfully completing and handing over projects.  

Highlighted Installation, Erection and Commissioning jobs cover;

  • Mechanical equipment erection
  • Piping erection
  • Electrical and Instrumentation installation
  • Electromechanical and HVAC services linkup
  • Specialized fabrication job

Our commissioning engineers are passionate about safety risk management and work closely with the client from the engineering phase to create a safety plan, taking into account the lessons learned and our knowledge of many previous projects, aiming always to deliver the best possible result.


Infrastructure Development

Through time, we evolved and diversified into an organization providing solutions not only for Industrial plants but also for infrastructure development of our country and beyond. With paramount experience in providing novel and proven solutions for Industrial Infrastructure, our contribution to venture into infrastructure industries is supported by our strong technical background and years of experience. Operational model of EPC has successfully ushered large-scale private sector participation in construction and engineering projects of large size, which in turn has both catalyzed the pace and quality of infrastructure development in the country.


Environment, Health & Safety

At EPC, we place Environment, Health & Safety on top priority. Through teamwork, and in partnership with employees, clients and contractors EPC works to meet legislative requirements and through continuous improvement achieve best practice standards. This approach reflects our dedication to build a culture of safety. With a comprehensive approach at every project site, safety awareness is an integral component in any endeavor we undertake. Through continuous improvement our goal is to create an environment and culture where all employees, and associates, can reasonably expect to be at a healthy environment.